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About NVR Construction

“Our Business is Building Yours”

NVR CONSTRUCTION LIMITED is an independent family owned firm providing professional General Contracting and Construction Management services to the commercial construction and development industry since 1985. We are based in Calgary and have regional offices in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto – allowing us to meet our clients’ individual needs directly across Canada.
We bring a focused approach to all projects, regardless of the size or complexity, and provide timely and cost-effective solutions. We know that, in the final analysis, our Clients are looking for the best value for their money.


“Open Book Approach”

Construction Management is all about “Team Work”. All shareholders of the project, the client, the consultants and NVR acting as the client’s CM pulling together with the client’s best interest at heart. From the Pre-Construction phase, the Construction phase through to final completion, NVR works with the entire “Project Team” to achieve the successful completion of the project.
Construction Management allows a huge degree in flexibility and control on a project which cannot always be done under a stipulate price contract.


“Most Important Aspect of Any Project”

At NVR Construction, we believe that the most important aspect of any building project is the pre-construction phase, sometimes referred to as the design phase. NVR can provide services to help our client make clear and informed decision during this phase, which in turn will benefit the project during the construction phase. NVR can provide existing site information produce preliminary budgets or even suggest alternative materials/methods, which could help lead the project to potential cost savings. NVR has the personnel to ensure the proper planning and preparation for a successful project.


“Stipulated Price/ Bid Contract”

NVR Construction always successfully provides general contracting services for many of our clients. Through any invited tender process, NVR Construction strives to be highly competitive within the current construction industry market. Availability and mobility are a key element of our business philosophy allowing us to be responsive to our Clients' needs. We have and will continue to provide the required on-site personnel to ensure the successful completion of any project.

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Our Featured Projects

NVR performs every job as if we own it. Clients expect quality service from their contractors and they need their projects to be consistent across the country. We therefore demand our staff and trades people meet or exceed our client’s expectations within a timely manner.

Full Buildings & Additions


Medical Offices


Office Interiors

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Our Core Values

“This is What NVR is About”

NVR has earned a reputation as a quality General Contractor and Construction Manager. Our continuing goal is to conduct business with unquestionable integrity and uncompromising ethics. Through commitment, integrity and fairness, our personnel and our leadership in the industry and community – our company is motivating and unified in this direction.

  • Commitment

    “You are only as good as your last project”.

    NVR is committed to providing accurate, effective and quality services at a reasonable cost. NVR works on every project to ensure our client’s complete satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to earn your trust and satisfaction which in turn would create a long-term business working relationship.


    “Integrity is everything, even if it costs us”

    NVR is in business to earn a fair profit for our services, but not at the expense of our relationship with our clients or our well-earned reputation. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of quality service and responsibility to our clients.


    “Our most Significant Asset”

    NVR recognizes that our staff are our strongest and greatest asset. Therefore, we are committed to ensure their continued development and empowerment. Through constant mentorship, apprenticeship programs and related educational training, we believe that by helping our staff grow, can only help NVR serve our clients better.


    “We are All in this Together”

    NVR is committed to supporting the Canadian construction industry and the communities in which we work. NVR believes that as we are successful, we are obligated to give back. NVR is happy to support several charitable organizations, as well as industry related organizations across Canada.


“Safety First, Last & Always”

NVR is committed to providing a safe work environment for our personnel, subcontractors and the general public. We shall implement any and all appropriate measures to ensure that we comply with all applicable legislations and maintain an accident free job site. NVR is proud of our safety record and is committed to maintaining our “COR” Certification.

Environmental Concerns

“We All Must Work to Reduce Our Footprint”

Building within the LEED (Green Building) process is quickly becoming a more essential requirement for many of our clients. As more and more provincial and municipal governments implement environmental requirements, we must all work to ensure that we meet and/or exceed those requirements. NVR is a member of the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) and is familiar with the processes required on a LEED certification building projects.
NVR Construction has been involved in a few LEED certified projects and is capable of providing the services necessary to meet your environmental concerns. NVR Construction always offers our clients the opportunity to reduce their environmental footprint.

Latest News & Updates

NVR is proud to be a contributing member of the community all across Canada with donations and our involvement with the public.

Our Satisfied Clients

“There are no Problems, only Solutions”

We work towards providing you with solutions not adding to your problems. Our reputation as “problem solvers” is well supported through the successful and timely completion of many relevant projects.

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WE ARE HAPPY to talk you through any projects.If you are interested in our construction services please contact us to discuss the opportunity.

Calgary Office (Head Office)

#240, 3015 - 12th St NE
Calgary, Alberta T2E 7J2
403-250-3152 (ph)
403-250-5159 (fx)
Monday -Friday 7:30-4:30